Hi There,

Long time no see…
Recently I got a session at the WGUISW community regarding Zero Trust (actually I have started a new series)

Because of that below you can find a useful list of links that I was presenting during the speech. This is the selection of links regarding ZT from my point of view 🙂

Links (from session 1/3):

  1. Zero Trust Business Plan
  2. Maturity Model Assesment Tool
  3. Zero Trust Adoption Framework
  4. Deploy your identity infrastructure for Microsoft 365
  5. Zero Trust deployment plan with Microsoft 365
  6. Entra Connect authentication decision tree
  7. Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity
  8. Memorandum M 22-09
  9. Meet identity requirements of memorandum 22-09 with Microsoft Entra ID
  10. Conditional Access architecture and personas
  11. NIST SP 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture

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