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All-in-One arm template for Windows Virtual Desktop core components deployment


Before we proceed, please create the following resource groups:

  1. ResourceGroupPrefix-mgmt-RegionSuffix 
  2. ResourceGroupPrefix-network-RegionSuffix 
  3. ResourceGroupPrefix-wvd-RegionSuffix 
    ResourceGroupPrefix– normally I would put there rg but this is our playground and I will use test_rg
    RegionSuffix – 3 characters long acronym for the region – neu means North Europe

The final resource groups naming will look like:

  1. test_rg-mgmt-neu
  2. test_rg-network-neu
  3. test_rg-wvd-neu


In order to deploy the solution go to this link: https://github.com/przybylskirobert/WVD#automated-arm-deploymentand click the Deploy to Azure button.

GitHub repository overview

You will be moved to the azure portal Custom deployment screen

Fill the following parameters (the rest will be automatically filled, but you can modify them as you wish):

  1. Resource Group – in my case test_rg-wvd-neu
  2. Admin password – :), this will local admin account password on the golden image VM

Review the parameters and their description and click Review + Create

Custom template deployment

On the summary, screen click Create.
Now you can go for a cup of tea/coffee and wait for the deployment to be done.

Our template will deploy the following resources:

Resource NameResource TypeResource GroupInfo
ag-azureblog-eastus-dskApplication grouptest_rg-wvd-neuRequire to assign users
hp-azureblog-eastusHost pooltest_rg-wvd-neuRegistration key created during the deployment
vnet-azureblog-neuVirtual Networktest_rg-network-neu4 subnets created: Gateway Subnet, snet-adds, snet-mgmt, snet-wvd
la-azureblog-neuLog Analytics workspacetest_rg-mgmt-neuFor monitoring purpose
saazureblogneuepxjyvfalStorage accounttest_rg-mgmt-neuTo store boot diagnostics and FSlogix profiles.
vm-gi-w10-neuVirtual machinetest_rg-mgmt-neuGolden Image VM
vm-gi-w10-neu-nicNetwork interfacetest_rg-mgmt-neuTo remove after Golden Image proces finished
vm-gi-w10-neu-nsgNetwork security grouptest_rg-mgmt-neuTo remove after Golden Image proces finished
vm-gi-w10-neu-pipPublic IP addresstest_rg-mgmt-neuTo remove after Golden Image proces finished
vm-gi-w10-neu_OsDisk_1_(id)Disktest_rg-mgmt-neuTo remove after Golden Image proces finished
Deployment template resources summary

Post Deployment Configuration

If everything went smooth you should be able to see the resources mentioned in the table above.
There are some things that we need to do to make sure that our WVD environment works properly.
Steps below were described in the WVD series on this blog:

  1. Authentication source deployment and configuration
  2. Golden Image configuration
  3. WVD Application Group Assignements configuration
  4. Monitoring using Azure Monitor and Log Analytics Workspace

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